Saturday, October 1, 2022

Slay It - Lucid The Dreamwaker Ft Wonderfully Made Designs

 The Dreamwaker


"Slay It", is a breakout electronic song from the usual hip hop 
based sounds of Lucid The Dreamwaker. Based in Eastside Indianapolis, Lucid 
was exposed to the fashion Industry by his designer mother and soon 
discovered a new love. "Slay It" is a fierce song designed to empower and 
move models into their unique dance. This highlights a sneak peak of the Up 
-Coming debut Rap Dance album "Optimystic". The Music Video is a 
collaboration between Lucid and locally black owned design 
company "Wonderfully Made Designs". Both the song and fashion video was 
both be released in August 2022 on Youtube and streaming services.



The song’s beat is fierce and energetic, quickly leading to chopped 
vocals and slamming us with some power soon after with a high-powered 
electronic drum pattern. The dynamics of the rap verse keep the spirit 
dancing, until it finally delves into a fantastic outro, that infects the 
body with a cool rhythm.

Find out more about Lucid The Dreamwaker,

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Askia S - Dreanwaker

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