Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Music Film Fashion Blog has written on or posted about sustainable fashion, clothing fibers, technology and the industry as a whole at various times. We also have been promoting eco -friendly brands such as Tentree Apparel and others. What we are looking for is, who are the brands and designers behind this movement in Chicago? In this writing we will focus on one Chicago Brand FashionBar Sustainable by designer Tony Long. Long unveiled FashionBar Sustainable 2023 Spring/ Summer Collection at the Transgender and Non - Conforming Fashion Show on Thursday Night of Fashion Week.
Now as we know the most sustainable fashion is to be naked, the second best is to wear fashion that is eco- friendly or recycled. The sustainable clothing line by FashionBar is doing just that creating recycled fashion and using eco- friendly materials. We have followed FashionBar Sustainable line for several years and find it is still evolving and growing as our world evolves and more people look for eco - friendly fashion. From what we have observed is that Longs eternal love of fashion and compassion for health, wellness and internal beauty will find Long exploring the boundaries of sustainable fashion with creativity, innovation, while pushing the limits well into the future. Long designs his clothes for every size, shape, and person with many of his designs being non – conforming fashion that everyone can wear and enjoy.
We all look for ways to support the causes behind protecting our earth, you can find buying sustainable fashion is just one way to help. So, explore FashionBar Sustainable Fashion Line at FashionBarChicago.com

 B. Allison

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