Wednesday, October 19, 2022

OTYKEN - GENESIS (Official Music Video)


Оtyken is a Siberian indigenous music group derived from Chulyms which some say are the ancestors of the Japanese Ainu and the indigenous peoples of North America. According to another version, the Chulyms are an ancient Turkic tribe. The Chulyms live along the Chulym River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Siberia. This group is a marvelous combination of traditional musical instruments and modern arrangement that will definitely entertain you! Their mystical throat singing, special elemental vocals is an enchanting sound that is captivating and creative. Even the fashion they wear is a modern version of the traditional indigenous clothing. They sing songs in Khakass, Chulyms and Russian (sometimes). In their songs you can hear the great history of the Siberian indigenous people, set to a modern production. You can view video right here and explore their website for more information and music at



B. Allison

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