Monday, October 17, 2022

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Ana Everling



Ana Everling is a musician from the Republic of Moldova who performed at World Music Festival Chicago on Wednesday 5th, 2022 at Schubas. Ana Everling began studying music at age seven—including solfege, piano, and jazz performance. Everling moved to Chicago in 2010 and is now a fixture in Chicago’s World Music scene, performing with other music collective’s or by herself. She sings in a variety of music styles singing jazz, fado, bass nova and original and traditional Moldovan - Eastern European genres. Her vocals are lucid and enchanting, while encompassing the heartfelt emotions of each song she sings.

You can view video from her performance at World Music Festival on the Schubas stage right here.

Ana Everling is also a member of an amazing Chicago based music group Beats y Bacteria. They also performed on Saturday October 1st, 2022, at World Music Festival Chicago on the Martyrs stage.

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