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Bibi Club - Le matin (Session Live)



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Montreal duo Bibi Club is releasing a choir version of their song “Le matin,” in a new video directed by Yann-Manuel Hernandez. In a cozy living room, Helena Deland, Emilie Kahn, Estée Preda, Joséphine Rivard and several others lend their voices to harmonize with Adèle, while Gus Englehorn shares guitar duties with Nicolas Basque. “Le soleil et la mer,” Bibi Club’s critically acclaimed debut album, is now available via Secret City Records. The song “Le matin” has been added to the official playlist of France Inter, while the album just entered the Top 30 of the NACC 200 in the United States, a tour de force for an album mostly in French.


Following a jam-packed record launch concert during Pop Montreal last week, Bibi Club will head to France for shows in several cities, including at the MaMA Festival and at the Rockomotives. The band will head back home in November for the next edition of M for Montreal, before returning to France for Bars en Bars. On December 21, they will open for French singer-songwriter Pomme at MTelus. Get your tickets HERE.

Praise for Le soleil et la mer
Bibi Club’s subtle gift is to convey the hazy feel of being jet-lagged while still holding our attention right away. […] Le Soleil et la Mer says it all about our planetary wandering and contemplative passion. If you don’t fall in love with this record, it will at least stop you in your tracks.” – Les Inrocks
"Featuring the ecstatic, trippy voice of Adèle, this collection of mesmerizing beach pop takes us straight into an August paradise via clear turquoise melodies and romantic lyrics, without ever doubting itself.”  4/6 – Magic Magazine
Highlight include L’Oiseau rouge, which somehow reminds of Cocteau Twins; Le matin and Femme-Lady sounds as much like the dreamy pop of Beach House as the noise-pop of Deerhunter; and kudos for the gloriously daring experiment that is Bellini.” ★★★★ – Le Canal Auditif 
"Bibi Club is about the current moment, objects, nature, everything surrounding us. A way to forget about the daily grind? More like an invitation to let things go, without trying to control them. Going with the flow, basically, which is what the album feels like. Particularly on Femme-Lady, a feverish rock track with new wave bass, groovy synths, and nervy guitar licks by Nicolas Basque.” ★★★1/2 – La Presse
"The first band to play the whole festival was recent Exclaim! New Faves alum Bibi Club, and they did a formidable job of inviting us in with their compelling brand of Nena-reminiscent synthpop, which sounds nonsensical and elegant in equal measure.” - Exclaim!
A soothing, free-spirited, pure folk record. A gorgeous album.” – Radio-Canada “Culture Club”
“Le soleil et la mer is true to its title. Like the sun, it’s warm and bright. Like the sea, it soothes us and takes us far away. It conveys joy and love.” - Journal Metro
The pair named themselves “Bibi Club” for the discotheque in their living room, where the couple’s bibis—their loved ones—come and dance. With kids at home, Nico and Adèle had to sneak away to make music: five minutes here, two hours there. Accordingly, their songs imagine that a family’s everyday enchantments might be loaned to the dancefloor, to the nighttime, to a place that’s still thumping as the day breaks. Throughout Le soleil et la mer, Adèle and Nico set out to create music that is intimate, honest, sparkling with an energy that animates even its quiet moments—and inspired by artists as diverse as Stereolab, Suicide, Alice Coltrane, and Tirzah. It’s a sound as ready for revels as it is for rainy days. Bibi Club will remind you: if it’s not sunny here, it’s sunny somewhere.  
Tour dates
10.12: Paris, FR @ MaMA Festival (Le Bar à Bulles) 
10.13: Grenoble, FR @ La Belle Electrique *
10.21: Paris, FR @ Ground Control
10.22: Dijon, FR @ La Vapeur #
10.24: Angers, FR @ Joker’s Pub 
10.27: Vendôme, FR @ Rockomotives Festival 
11.16: Montreal, QC @ M for Montreal Festival 
12.21: Montreal, QC @ M Telus ^
* Opening for Jeanne Added
# Opening for November Ultra
^ Opening for Pomme
Bibi Club Online
 Missing Piece Group

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