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Heavens To Betsy Official Lyric Video Ted Wulfers

Photo Credit: Ted Wulfers
Ted Wulfers


"It was one of those October days..." Welcome to the lyric video for my song "Heavens To Betsy." Since I first wrote the song in 2007, it has been one of my most requested fan favorites. I recorded it for my Lucky No. 7 album and released it in 2012. It has been licensed for a few upcoming films and I always enjoy playing it live because the song is a different experience every time. "It was one of those October days..." 

Watch The Video Here: 

The music video stars Noëlle Arora and yours truly and is mainly from footage I filmed on location in Germany at Hohenzollern Castle along with actual studio footage of me recording the actual vocal take you hear on the album in the studio back in 2009 at Sixteen Tons Studios in Nashville, TN. The studio footage was either filmed by Jason Feldner, Aaron Weistrop or Davey Rieley. Because I am not sure, I give all three of them thanks!

I wrote the song in a New York hotel room on my Gibson J-45 and built up the track in my home studio in Chicago with acoustic guitars and some atmospheric electric guitars. Everything else was overdubbed including Claire Holley's haunting accompanying vocal as well as Aron Topielski's truly amazing bass part. So many bass players have asked me about Aron's bass line over the years. 

I am so happy this song brings so many so much joy and I hope you enjoy the video and may it take you on just enough of a trip or adventure to take away your worries for a few minutes.

Heavens To Betsy Credits:

Ted Wulfers: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Percussion, Ukulele

Claire Holley: Backing Vocal

Aron Topielski: Bass

Dave Raven: Drums

Aaron Weistrop: Electric Guitar

Carl Byron: Piano, Hammond Organ, Accordion

Chris Lawrence: Pedal Steel

Shawn Davis: Backing Vocal

Nick Randolph: Backing Vocal

Mark Lonsway: Backing Vocal

Dave Carducci: Backing Vocal

Mark Cantwil: Backing Vocal

Matthew Baumann: Tambourine

Produced by Ted Wulfers

Recorded and Engineered by Davey Rieley, Eric Corne and Ted Wulfers

Mixed by Davey Rieley

Mastered by Richard Dodd

Vinyl Mastering by Ron McMaster at Capitol Mastering

Photo Credit: Ted Wulfers

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