Wednesday, September 16, 2020

White Balloon - Tawny Newsome & Bethany Thomas

Bethany Thomas and Tawny Newsome have been singing together for 15 years, and are releasing MATERIAL FLATStheir debut(ish) album together. The album will be the first release on Tawny’s imprint Fine Alpinist Records, out October 9. It is a now-or-never plunge into the unknown with two performers who’ve been everywhere else. Born out of the pandemic, protests, and a fierce desire to learn to do things for themselves, Material Flats is a chance for them to lead together. 

The album’s bombastic opener “White Balloon” keeps an eye out for the danger that hides in clear sight when you’re up in the middle of nowhere. “‘White Balloon’” is about staking your claim and keeping your head in spaces where the thin veil of racism has long been lifted,” notes Bethany. “I listened to the entire White Stripes discography in one long morning,” adds Tawny. “Then I read a distressing story on twitter about white supremacist groups gaining traction through increasingly insidious online recruitment tactics. I did my (daily) calculation of how long it would take me to escape up the trail that runs behind my house if a hate group rolled up my road. Classic rock and roll anecdote, huh?” Listen to “White Balloon” right here Music Film Fashion Blog.

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