Friday, September 11, 2020

Tedy - Boys Don't Cry (Official Video)

TEDY releases his debut EP with Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Boys Don’t Cry. It is a collection of songs, created by the Montreal singer-songwriter, out of a therapeutic need to fill a void in his life and relate to his peers through music. The six-track EP tackles themes of trauma, his LGBTQ+ struggles, and masculinity. The songs selected for this compilation are reflective, dark, soulful rhythmic pop and anchored by Tedy’s unique vocals. The EP features tracks “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Fireworks,” “Hopeless,” “Stuck,” “Twisted,” and “War.” Check out the new video for 'Boys Don't Cry".

“I think this EP will help a lot of people, just like it helped me. It’s an extreme emotional rollercoaster that is definitely worth the ride,” said Tedy about the release.

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