Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Doug Locke - Black Travolta (Lyric Video)

DOUG LOCKE takes about his provocative new music video “Why?” “It’s the fear that I will be pulled over (probably while minding my own business) by the wrong officer and my story will end right there… in that moment.”

Filmed during the pandemic with safeguards in place, the video depicts the panic and apprehension that fills POC and especially Black men and women with palpable fear and dread. Some victims have been killed. “I made this music video in loving memory of them, and to honor them,” Locke says solemnly. “Their lives mattered and they will never be forgotten. You see, we Black people know that it can happen to any of us, no one is immune.  No amount of wealth, fame or education (or any other factors) can protect you from blind hate or subconscious bias.  This is a crying shame.” 

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