Thursday, April 28, 2022

Gender Roles, Fashion And Fashion Week Powered By FashionBar


Gender roles and fashion have been going simultaneously for a long time. At an early age, children are taught what is socially acceptable attire for them according to their gender. It has long been that boys wear the color, “blue,” wear pants and minimal jewelry, whereas girls wear the color, “pink,” wear dresses, and plenty of jewelry. Over the years it has been more exceptionable for fashion to change these norms of what boys and girls wear, making fashion for everyone who wants to be their true self. 

In the world of fashion we see, models can be gender less and nonconforming on the runway, in print and on TV. Fashion has long effects social status, trends, and how clothes are even applicable to society. This change in the fashion industry and how we look at gender and fashion is long overdue. The terms of yesterday “cross-dress.” in today’s world are getting blurrier and blurrier. Increased people are mixing and matching fashion to their identity and creative style. Even designers are mixing and matching in their designs and highlighting these designs on the runway.

Companies like FashionBar LLC. and its CEO Tony Long who twice a year dose Fashion Week, is changing how we look at fashion and models on the runway. Long is a firm believer in Diversity and Equality for all, which is evident in his fashion shows during Fashion Week. Long also partners with Howard Brown Health during Fashion Week to highlight trans and nonconforming models by hosting a fashion show. The Trans Media Fashion Show is a celebration of beautiful Transgender- Nonconforming models walking the runway during Fashion Week. The fashion show is a way to bring attention and acceptance to a community often misunderstood and under recognized. Long and Howard Brown Health give a voice to a community deserving of social integration and acceptance.

The Trans Media Fashion Show is April 28th, 2022, at Water Tower place in Chicago. View flyer for more details or go to

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