Sunday, April 24, 2022


Fashion + Music = Shaping Pop Culture And The Music Industry

Fashion and music have long shared a powerful mutual attraction: from the New York Dolls, to Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Sheryl Crow to Lady Gaga, fashion has consistently heightened our understanding of the band (and in many cases the brand). Music Film Fashion Blog for the next few weeks will explore the power of fashion as a medium for collaboration as it relates to the music industry. We will do this with our coverage of FashionBar Chicago Fashion Week, happening all this week. We want to give a good observation into the designers represented at fashion week that best amplify this collaboration.

Artists and bands need fashion, from the red carpet at the Grammy’s to Chicago Music Awards and then those talk shows with music, to the stage. We want to connect you with the designers that can best fit your style and creative mind set. These designers featured at fashion week are up and coming designers that want to see their designs on the Red Carpet, on your Albums, Websites, or Posters. They too see the creative power of fashion, pop culture and music.

B. Allison

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