Monday, November 13, 2023

Hate Me Too by Sophie Mars

Relays Her Teenage Angst In Debut Single
“Hate Me Too”

Saves Enough Babysitting Money 
to Hire Producer Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Veruca Salt)
Sophie Mars "Hate Me Too"

NOVEMBER 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) 17 year-old SOPHIE MARS, being a musician started out by sheer happenstance, but transformed mere curiosity into a life direction.  Her dreamy first indie rock single “HATE ME TOO” which is released today, is a brutally honest meditation about life as a teenager in the current climate, one filled with confusion but also hope. Filled with true teenage angst, the lush single carries the mark of an ingénue whose music reaches beyond high school notebooks and cafeteria lunches, revealing a budding musician, ready for her close-up.

Having sat in on a recording session with celebrated Chicago alt-rock band Veruca Salt, Sophie was intrigued with not only their performance but also the mechanics of how their music was assembled in the studio.  Striking a friendship with their acclaimed producer Brad Wood (Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, Placebo), she urged him to work with her, kicking off a musical partnership that is ongoing.
“Working with Sophie this summer was a series of beautiful little discoveries that built over the weeks into what became ‘Hate Me Too’,” says Wood. “I think Sophie was learning the power of her own voice, the weight of her words, as she worked with us in the studio and that sense of discovery is baked into the song and arrangement. It’s thrilling and intimate. I can’t wait to hear what she does next.”

Sophie Mars 
A self-taught musician (she learned how to play both ukulele by listening to Billie Eilish and guitar through Phoebe Bridgers), she started writing music and lyrics with hopes that she could follow in the footsteps of her aforementioned heroes.  After saving enough money from babysitting to hand over to Wood to produce her first studio recordings, Sophie got to work.

A sonic landscape with reverberating chords and sustained notes, Sophie’s clear and emotionally-drenched lyrics oozes with painful regret from a breakup, steeped in the aching trauma that only a teenager could write, sounding like lyrics ripped straight from a diary (“Cut me open and I feel no pain”). Without relying on input from outside influences that could temper or lessen the impact of her word, “Hate Me Too” was taken from a series of tracks that she had written for herself unfiltered.

A stunning debut to the world of Sophie Mars, “Hate Me Too” is the first of a number of new songs that will be released over the next few months. With Brad Wood at the helm helping steer her musical adventure (as long as she keeps getting babysitting gigs), her brutal honesty about high school life creates a vivid snapshot of what teenagers are up against in an environment that seems to lay traps in every direction.

Hate Me Too” is released today to on Apple MusiciTunes, and Spotify via 9122 Records.

- Sophie Mars

I was naive. I was young
The first time I broke someone
I didn’t know the weight of my words.
I didn’t know how much they hurt
I wouldn’t say I was a villain
Just a girl who couldn’t deal with her feelings
I used to stab someone for a laugh
To try to get a part of me back
I hate how I hurt you
I'm the one with the gun
But it kills me too
Oh, it kills me too
i can’t help when the violence falls thru the cracks in our conversations
I hate me too
I hate me too
I'm older now. Don't have an excuse
But it's hard when I’ve got things to lose
Cuz I feel there’s no point to keep trying while our distance won’t stop amplifying
It’s the silence that makes me ashamed,
Cut me open and I’d feel no pain
Cuz It’s not the worst wounds that sting
It’s the ones where you don’t feel anything
I hate how I hurt you
I'm the one with the gun
But it kills me too
Oh it kills me too
But i can’t help when the violence falls thru the cracks in our conversations

I hate me too. I hate me too
If I had a time machine
I wouldn’t change anything
Cuz as much as it kills me
I know distance’ll make u happy
Now there’s nothing I can do
I lost you
I hate me too
I hate me too

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