Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chris Kage - We Stand Free (feat. Langhorne Slim) - Official Lyric Video

Chris Kage Taps Langhorne Slim for Empowering New Single “We Stand Free”

Upcoming Album Cycles Out December 8

Chris Kage has shared his new single “We Stand Free,” which finds the Brooklyn-based producer, artist and songwriter teaming up with Langhorne Slim for lead vocals on the soulful track. A moment of joyful empowerment backed by the East Coast Inspirational Singers choir, “We Stand Free” was praised by Americana Highways who called it “a glorious wake-up call with gospel optimism.” The new song is the next offering from Kage’s forthcoming album Cycles, due out December 8.

“‘We Stand Free’ is a celebratory song of returning back to some sense of self with new wisdom and knowledge - the knowledge that we stand free in each and every moment to create our identity anew,” shares Kage. “The song mixes elements of Latin samba with African tribal drums and church choir vocals, highly inspired by Paul Simon and his ability to fuse such diverse genres. The song was also inspired by a desire by Langhorne Slim and myself to have him perform a celebratory song with a choir at an annual Sound Mind Music Festival for mental health I procure. Seeing the magic and power of this triumphant sound inspired the need to include a song of celebration on this album - which is a part of any emotional journey.”

Langhorne Slim on the collaboration: “I first met Chris several years ago while playing an event for Sound Mind Live, his mental health organization that I admire and support. I learned quickly that Chris is the rare kind of human that has both emotional and intellectual intelligence - smart enough in the heart to care deeply for others and sharp enough in the mind to make shit happen. Through his actions with Sound Mind and now with his music, it’s clear that Chris aims to leave this earth a little better than he found it. He walks the walk, talks the talk and sings the songs. He’s got that inner light and I’m proud to have lent my voice to this beautiful song. We hope y’all enjoy!”

“We Stand Free” follows the stirring “Leave The Light On” featuring Joe Jury, a compelling song about resilience. Kage’s upcoming album Cycles is an exploration into the evolving path of identity through birth, life, death and rebirth. After spending time behind the scenes as a songwriter and backing musician touring with the likes of Micah, Lukas and Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Wax Owls and more, Cycles finds him embracing his own sense of rebirth as he steps into the forefront. The album was written and recorded almost entirely by Kage in his Brooklyn home studio, with friends Joe Jury, J.O.Y and Langhorne Slim taking on lead vocal duties. This collaborative form of production mirrors Kage’s healing journey – delving alone into the shadows to face and redefine oneself, but eventually calling on the support of others to emerge anew.

Kage’s need to confront the shadow parts of himself came full force when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his mid-20s. Rather than being inhibited by the struggle, he saw it as a necessary part of his human experience and one that he could share with others. In 2019, he launched Sound Mind Live, a non-profit whose mission is to foster community and action on mental health through the power of music.

Cycles also marks a musical rebirth for Kage, who leaves behind the Americana and country spaces he’s lived in for more modern and alt-pop influences. With dark undertones uplifted by melodies of hopeful exultation, Kage takes listeners on a captivating cross-genre journey with deeply resonating lyrics about the human condition.

Cycles Tracklist
1. Birth
2. Up From The Shadows (ft. Joe Jury)
3. Into The River (ft. J.O.Y) 
4. The Mentor 
5. The Attraction (ft. Joe Jury)
6. Leave The Light On (ft. Joe Jury) 
7. The Approach 
8. Love And War (ft. Joe Jury) 
9. We Stand Free (ft. Langhorne Slim) 
10. Rebirth 

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