Sunday, July 3, 2022

Andrew Combs - The Ship (Official Video)


Andrew Combs Shares Reflective New Single “The Ship”

Forthcoming Album Sundays Out August 19th via Tone Tree
Acclaimed artist Andrew Combs shares his reflective new single “The Ship,” the latest offering from his forthcoming album Sundays (August 19th, Tone Tree (US) Loose Records (UK/EU)). The accompanying music video was featured this morning by The Boot, who said “The stark, black and white imagery brings a powerful simplicity, echoed in the song's poetic, impactful lyrics.”
"This is a song about losing a friend to an overdose,” explains Combs. “After on and off again sobriety, he finally lost his battle with addiction. We weren't the closest of pals, but we thought fondly of each other. This is me pondering the many sides of his personality that I did not know (I only interacted with him when he was sober) and sending him a farewell to a better place."

Sundays came together in Nashville in early 2021, written on the heels of a mental breakdown that Combs had at Christmas 2020 amid the long, monotonous grind of an ongoing global pandemic. In the wake of this debilitating psychological break, Combs turned to the practice of transcendental meditation to help find balance. He would go into the studio every Sunday with the goal of capturing a song he penned the previous week, as he plumbed the depths of his own heart and mind. The resulting 11-song collection offers a deep dive into his fragmented subconscious, centered around a pervasive sense of quiet hope that is succinctly summarized in the debut single “(God)less,” which was praised by Atwood Magazine, Music Film Fashion Blog and others for “finding beauty in the chaos of our world.”

Recorded entirely in mono, Sundays was collaboratively produced by Combs and Jordan Lehning (Caitlin Rose, Caroline Spence, Rodney Crowell) with additional arrangements from Dominic Billett (drums for Erin Rae, Julia Jacklin, Courtney Marie Andrews). The minimal approach lies in stark contrast to the maximalist production of his earlier work, including 2015’s All These Dreams, which received extensive praise from NPR and American Songwriter, and 2019’s Ideal Man, which impressed the likes of Rolling Stone and No Depression. Leaning away from the linear Americana-inflected instrumentation of lush strings, longing pedal steel and fingerpicked acoustic guitar, Sundays heads into darker and more sparse territory with a lonely, thumb-strummed electric sound colored by brooding woodwinds. As we make our way through the album, it feels as though an almost-imperceptible progression is happening, a movement toward some kind of resolve, at least, if not peace.
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