Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Fried Monk x beautiful-fortune - Planet B [SINGLE] (Lyric Video)

Fried Monk and beautiful-fortune
Team Up For Their Eclectic Here As One EP

Following the release of their cosmic first single "Planet B," Philly-based electro-indie artists Fried Monk (real name: Lucas Kozinski) and beautiful-fortune (real name: Jameel Farruk) are adding to their repertoire together with the groove-laden EP Here As One, out   May 2021.

Clocking in at three tracks and just under nine minutes, Here As One is a compact, eclectic journey all the way to the end, wading through spacey downtempo beats into head bopping, inescapable catchiness, all while weaving in and out of indie rock pillars and electronic hip hop vibes.

Tackling a slew of topics and emotions, Here As One covers empathy, isolation, our perception of time, and even outer space sometimes in the same breath. "The title for the EP was taken from the chorus from 'Planet B.' 'I’ll be living on the sun / Living here as one,'" says Farruk, disentangling the duality of meanings. "In the song, the phrase 'here as one' represents isolation and independence, while as a title for the EP, 'one' is us. 'One' means unity."
Listen to Here As One Here:

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