Friday, July 14, 2023

Luke Wallace // Sons and Daughters (Official Music Video)

Music artist Luke Wallace is on the front lines of “Folktivism” for the Earth. His songs are environmental and social anthems, using music to communicate the need to help save this planet. Wallace writes for a new generation of music listeners and environmentalist, where they want to explore the idea of anthropocene from which anthropo, for “man” and cene for “new” – describes a new geological epoch in which humanity itself constitutes the largest driving force of change on Earth. 

When the state of the world is overwhelming you have Wallace who is the new diplomat for the Mountains, Lakes, Oceans, Trees, Air, Animals and Global Warming. It is refreshing to see and hear a younger artist combining activism and songs for the earth to empower people, while at the same time giving us hope.

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B. Allison

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