Friday, November 5, 2021

Tim Kelly Releases Debut Album
Ride Through the Rain, 
Produced by Ruston Kelly

Performing November 7
At Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium

November 5, 2021 (Nashville): Today, Tim Kelly shared his debut album, Ride Through the Rain, produced by his son, acclaimed artist Ruston Kelly. The album fulfills Tim’s lifelong dream of being a songwriter, which he put on hold when he was a young man in order to raise his family. Marking the album’s release, Kelly shared a music video for lead single “Better Man.”

"’Better Man’ is a song about my dad, but it could be about anyone really. My dad enjoyed music, especially country music, but after growing up in the Great Depression, a good job was everything to him,” explains Kelly. “I learned my best life lessons from him and now realize how important it is to pass those lessons along to others.”

Tim Kelly had a promising musical career when he was a young man but put it on hold to work a white-collar job and raise his family. After touring with Ruston as his pedal steel guitarist and playing on his last two albums, Tim was prodded by Ruston to finally make a record that captured his own expressive voice. Ruston produced the album, which also features talents of Tim’s other children; Abby Kelly contributed background vocals on “The Deep” and Chip Kelly developed the concept for the album cover. Songwriters Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsay and Lucie Silvas also provide background vocals.

“Seeing this album come to life is a dream come true for both of us. I’ve tried to get him to record these songs for years, over many breakfasts and many conversations on tour,” says Ruston. “His songs are the reason I write songs. They are masterfully written and beautifully performed by a man who has really seen it all. It’s pretty rare for a father’s album to be produced by his son and I definitely don’t take it for granted how special that is. I’m just so proud of him as my dad, as a person, and as an artist fulfilling a lifelong dream.” 

Following the album announcement, Tim and Ruston appeared on SiriusXM’s Sunday Service with Sarah Burke to discuss the album and their musical rapport. Singles “Old Friends” and “Leave This Town” were featured on NPR’s New Music Friday playlist.

Tim Kelly first became curious about the guitar after hearing his brother’s vinyl copy of The Ventures’ Walk, Don’t Run. Later, after hearing Jackson Browne’s version of “Take It Easy” for the first time, Kelly was inspired to learn pedal steel guitar. As a young adult, he played in bands, joined his college pop and jazz ensemble as lead guitarist, and won talent competitions as a singer-songwriter around Texas. However, as a newlywed, he made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and take a job in the company where his father had worked for decades, putting his music career on pause. “I kept the day job, but there have been very few days in my life that music hasn’t been some part of it, even if only for an hour,” Kelly says. Flash forward three decades and he’s traded an office for a writer’s room in Nashville and Ride Through the Rain fulfils the potential he showed many years ago.

This Sunday, Tim Kelly will appear as a very special supporting act for Ruston Kelly’s show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. Tickets are available here
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Ride Through the Rain Tracklist:
1. Better Man 
2. River Street   
3. Leave This Town 
4. Dream  
5. Home 
6. Old Friends 
7. Grandma’s House 
8. The Deep 
9. Free 

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